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This is an official website of Coca-Cola HBC Ireland Ltd and Coca-Cola HBC Northern Ireland Ltd, a subsidiary of Coca-Cola HBC AG. We would kindly ask that all visitors to this site read and respect the following information providing public health information on alcohol consumption:

Our commitment to these guidelines ensures that all our activities are undertaken with the aim of promoting responsible consumption of our products to an adult audience.

We urge all visitors to our site to respect responsible drinking and expect them to comply with our Premium Spirits Responsible Marketing Policy.


Our Premium Spirits Responsible Marketing Policy sets the framework applicable to all our marketing activities relating to premium spirits products the company distributes, including but not limited to selling activities, merchandising, sales and brand advertising, marketing and promotional activities, development and content of brand web sites, electronic communications and digital media, product placements and sponsorships, and labelling and packaging. The Policy applies to all our markets where we distribute premium spirits and is to be strictly adhered to by our employees and third parties engaged in the marketing of premium spirits, in order to reflect Coca-Cola HBC’s high standards, core values and social responsibility commitments.


Please note: The short and long-term effects of alcohol can affect your body, lifestyle and mental health. Drinking too much can harm your health. Please drink responsibly.

Please note: Drinking alcohol at any stage during pregnancy can cause harm to the baby and the more you drink, the greater the risk. Chief Medical Officers recommend that the safest approach is to not drink alcohol at all during pregnancy.

Please note: Over the long term, drinking alcohol can increase your risk of serious illnesses, such as cancer. There is added risk for those who regularly drink above the recommended low risk drinking guideline of 14 units per week.